Sunday, March 4, 2012

Clipix Clipping Site


Have you heard about the new way to organize your internet experience? I just found out about it recently and signed up for it myself. Perhaps I cheated, but what I did was connect with Facebook. Do you know how long it took me to sign up? Less than 3 minutes. And in the end I am left with a pretty cool organizational tool.

You can clip items from the web and save them into your clipix account for later viewing and for sharing with friends. Personally, my favorite thing to clip is recipes and things that I would like to buy. You, however, can use it for anything from saving funny comics, to books, to restaurants you want to try or movies that you would like to see. It works out like a global wishlist for any website on the net. Below is a screenshot from the last thing I added to my wishlist!

The best part is that they have an iPhone app. So you can be on clipix anytime, even when youre sitting in class or avoiding the word on your desk.

I highly recommend that you go to clipix and sign up for an account. It will only take a moment or two. Go ahead and leave a comment below on what you would use clipix for! 

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