Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hontoon Island State Park

CIF RATING - **** (4/5)

This was an amazing weekend and short of the spiders and ticks I would rate this very highly in my ratings of campsites. While hiking the spider webs made it very difficult to get through the paths and seeing as the spiders were much larger than our fists and some bigger than our faces it was a daunting experience. I also ended up with a tick lodged into my rear end which did not make for a pleasant experience, as well as the lyme tests I had to receive after, though that is a danger for all camping, I have camped for years and never had a tick experience before.

The cabins were comfortable and clean. We especially enjoyed the screened in deck where we stayed up late talking, laughing, and playing board games. The picnic area was standard. The ferry we took over was just a moment or two and the people there were all very helpful. They even gave us a cart ride with all of our stuff over to our campsite.

Hiking was amazing, short of the 30 foot spider webs draped in front of us. Though be aware that the trails are much longer than you think and you can easily get lost in the multiple loops and paths the trails could take. The first day that we tried to find the historical monument we got lost, did not bring enough water for the 30 minute hike that turned into a three hour hike and we got lost. In the end we were dragging, not sure if we would ever make it back, and kept having to stop and lay down to get our bearings. So please bring plenty of water even if you think you are only taking a 20 minute hike. We found the right trail the next day but it turned into just a trail with a sign at the end saying "this is the end of the trail". The ground was full of shells which the native americans discarded in their fishing trades but there was actually nothing to see other than the floor of the trail became shelly at a certain point.

The trails are beautiful curving next to the water and then going deep into the island with tall trees towering over you. Primarily the wildlife we saw was birds and spiders though we were sure hoping to see a bear or two that never happened.

I highly recommend this state park and definitely the cabins to anyone interested in a nice weekend.

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