Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make Money :: ChaCha

So I recently decided to scan the web and see what people were doing these days to make money online. One of the recommendations that I saw was to become an information guide on a website called ChaCha. Apparently the deal was that people texted questions to chacha and a pool of guides on the web answer it, and if you're one of the guides you get paid for each answer that you give. It honestly sounded a bit fun so I figured I would give it a whirl.

The first thing you do is start with registering as a guide here:
When you do this - I would appreciate it if you put me as your referral so I can get points from it - to do that just enter my email addy when it asks how you found out about them.

The next thing you do is go through their education process at
You will spend about an hour doing their introductory videos, which are required but also necessary to understand how to become a guide. Each video ends in a little SUPEREASY quiz.

When done with training you login to chacha w/firefox, download the toolbar, and take a test
The chacha universe is at
In order to officially become a guide you will have to pass the test, which is basically going through 10 questions and showing how you would answer them. It is super quick and easy, but once you are done you have to wait 2-4 days to be graded and become an official guide. You can only take the test once so its do or die.

Next step after you get your official approval email is to guide
So you log in at and start guiding.
Make sure not to make the same mistake I did initially and set my status to available without points LOL. Make sure you set to available - points or you don't make any money.
To be honest it actually was kind of fun. You don't make much money though. Last night was my first night. I chachad for about 2 hours and made about $3. But some of that hasn't showed up yet on my profile page, so I hope they didn't miscount. I will update you if I never get paid on the rest of that.
They have bonus programs on busy times, you also make a bonus for referring people and when they chacha and other sorts of extra funding.

Would I recommend chacha?
To be honest I would. Its not going to pay your bills. But if youre sitting around doing nothing its actually kind of fun.

What type of questions do people ask?
Most of the questions I got were conversational. Like "should I go out with leah or meghan?". Or "Hi chacha what are you doing? Want to come to a party?"
I am pretty sure I did a bunch of homework for people last night with questions about linear equations and french history.
I got quite a few spelling and definition questions.
I got a few questions about celebrities, music, sports.
But there were also a dark side of questions. Perhaps questions people would be too embarrassed to ask a real person... about drugs, sex, medical problems.

So if youre interested in spending time learning things, laughing, and making very minimal money - go ahead and chacha. Just please remember to type my email in - I would super thank you for it. :P

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