Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Movie :: A Walk To Beautiful

So I just finished watching "A Walk To Beautiful" which is a documentary about a obstetric fistula hospital in Addis. The movie follows the stories of a handful of young women who have experienced stillborn pregnancies that resulted in fistula causing incontinence. The women are then ostracized from their family and community.

One woman told how her husband threw her and her child out on the street and found a new wife. One woman had been living in a makeshift straw hut behind the family's home because they didn't want her in the house due to her smell and leakage. One 17 year old girl (pictured above) had been married off by her father from the age of 8-11 four times and she kept running off. Her father would beat her and find her a new husband, at age 11 her fourth husband got her pregnant at which point her 5 days of labor destroyed her bladder and they were not able to heal her. I wanted to hug her and take her home all at the same time. She is the same age as the youth that I work with, and I can't imagine my girls going through such a life.

This movie brought me to tears many times, and has inspired me. I hope to find an organization such as this hospital in Addis to not only give to myself but to encourage others to. I definitely encourage you to watch the movie. It is available on instant watch with netflix - which you can get a free 2 week trial to. So theres no excuse not to broaden your understanding of other cultures. It is also available on amazon to purchase.

Purchase A Walk To Beautiful (100% of the profits are donated to the Fistula Foundation)
Rent from Netflix
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