Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Movie :: To Live And Become

So I watched Live and Become this morning instead of taking a nap after a late night and early morning youth camp visits. I was already in an emotional mood after watching the funeral services on the news for the two cops murdered in Tampa this week... So watching this movie at that time certainly didn't slow down my waterworks.

PLOT :: A brief rundown of the plot is that the boy, known as Solomon, gets sent to Israel when his mom tells  him to pretend to be another woman's son and is directed to pretend to be Jewish so that he will have a chance at life. This is based on the true situation of Project Moses where many countries helped to try and return Ethiopian Jews to the promised land. He ends up getting adopted, after that woman's death, by a couple in Israel who love him as their own. The movie shows Solomon's struggle at hiding his true identity, learning to become who he would be as an adult, which is a culmination of his true self and who he claimed to be.

I was surprised when this movie started to find it was french, hebrew, and amharic but had english subtitles. Though it made it a little harder to follow I soon got used to the subtitles. Many reviews I read before the movie exclaimed that this 140min movie was not favorable received I really enjoyed it. Clearly you need to be able to put up with the subtitles, but then that adds some authenticity to it. I would love to see a version done in English.

Overall I recommend this movie, especially to someone with an interest in Ethiopia. Make sure you have time to sit and watch so you can read the subtitles (not a multitasking movie). As my plan of resting my eyes while watching clearly didn't work out when I noticed the subs.

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